All Things Moose

date: a while back
location: spare bedroom
feelings: like one of the gang

My IKEA Gang...  
I love you dearly; especially you--lady in red.  
I do wish there were squeakers inside.  
What fun they'd be!  
Oh well, they can live longer this way.
Sleep tight friends. 
-xo Moose

date: a couple of days ago
location: a few blocks from home
feelings: relieved

date: last week
location: my bed
feelings: although I look alert,
I'm feeling a sense of safety.
Thanks to my new ThunderShirt

date: a few months ago
location: backyard
feelings: peppy

Excited for the upcoming football game..the jersey is on.
I bleed blue too!

location: mom and dad's bedroom

time: late last night
feelings: super sleepy sure was a long day and you are still insisting on working on the computer. Maybe this will put a damper on the situation;)

location: By the window
time: a few days ago
feelings: motherly

I've had this little toy now for quite some time...a couple of years now. I really adore him and don't mind to cart him around with me.
Every other thing else I rip to shreds..this one however is different. :)

date: a while ago
location: living room
feelings: cold

Thank goodness mom bought me this cozy scarf. I think this shall keep me warm all winter.
{wtf was she thinkin?}

date: photo was taken a couple years ago by my dad
location: my profile is currently residing on the imac
feelings: grave

Since this was some time ago, I'm not sure what I was fixated on; possibly a ball or something with a squeaker inside.

date: a week ago
location: chuy's restaurant
feelings: famous

Yep, that's me {and my awesome shadow} top of the crew.
My momma heard that if you bring in a photo of your bestest dog in return they will not only hang it up--but you also get a FREE appetizer and a nice bag of treats from the Bluegrass Barkery {my favorite}. And so she I love her {and she loves me}!

date: a week ago
location: momma's lap
feelings: smart

I thought I'd be helpful this year as I browsed Real Simple with my mom. When she stumbled upon this page I simply drew her attention to all the ways she could cut back on the Holiday gift giving {she really does over do it sometimes} I mean I don't mind, I love gifts {especially carob covered ones}

Date: a couple of days ago
Location: the den
Feelings: undercover

After a long day I wrap up in a blankie {if momma's lap isn't available} while the evening household routine is underway and my folks are not on the internets. 
Man what is all the fuss over that internets? 

Date: Last Saturday

Location: Backyard

Feelings: Frisky

Man, do I love my backyard!

Look at all those leaves. I frolicked around for just a bit until the wind started to blow, then I realized I prefer to be inside {but it was good fun while it lasted...I at least like to pretend to be a dog on some days..did you see that stick I had in my mouth {convincing huh?}.

Date: Halloween Night
Location: Front Porch
Feelings: cold and anxious

Every year Moose and I pass out Halloween candy to the neighboring treaters. This year was simply blustery out. He slept most of the time, but one rustle of a leaf and he was all ears!

Date: Yesterday
Location: momma's lap
Feelings: up close and personal

If Moose could talk I'm sure he would be pretty witty, and I do believe he would have an accent. The first thing he would say is: seriously...get that camera out of my face. {as politely as can be}

Date: A few days ago
Location: The Den
Feelings: Duplicated

Whaa...I thought I was the only one for you, mom? Really, who is this guy?

Date: Yesterday
Location: The Den
Feelings: Cozy

Ahh..the feeling of warm laundry makes my heart grow fonder. Love my momma for doing the laundry and allowing me to lay as long as my heart is content in it;)

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