Thursday, June 21, 2012

sweet addictions = empty pockets

When summer rolls around, the {to-do's} seem to pile up around the house from simple projects like painting a room to tearing down old decks and rebuilding new ones.  The list {s} continues around our little humble abode...yet our pant pocket seem to become lighter:/

From our many fun inspirations and endless hours of driving around in neighborhoods we can't afford; we rack our brains on how we can make our little nest cozy, unique and somewhat of a retreat for us.

Here are our latest ventures.

Inspiration 1: Deck Railing

This railing idea is something we really like and would love to add to our new deck.  It would really clean up the entire area while adding an industrial feel to the backyard area.

Our {finished} product!

Inspiration 2: Carport/Garage: Want {so bad..estimate too high, so not getting it}

Seriously, isn't this adorable?  I could use this for so many things!

Inspiration 3: Outdoor Movie Theatre 

This we can handle...thinkin' we need to incorporate it into the flow of the yard once the landscape and patio gets put in rather than it randomly being in the middle of the yard.  But we are enjoying it anyway!

Inspiration 4: Landscape/Patio

If you recall several posts ago, I mentioned an overall plan:

Well, this is where we are...phase one; {deck is in} and landscaping and patio is our stage {two} of phase one.

Some plants we are going with that have been suggested from the expert{s} {Justin}!

Oakleaf Hydrangea  
     Sweetbay Magnolia                                               MilkyWay Chinese Dogwood

So, as you can see the plant list is quite lengthy.  Oh, how I can't wait until all of this is complete and my backyard is filled with all of these fabulous types of vegetation. 

So, we will see where this plan really takes us;) At least inspiration has gotten us this far!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

All Things Moose

date: last week
location: couch
feelings: worn to a frazzle

Shew... is it hot outside or what?  
After watering the flowers, a long brisk walk and watching the folks work on our deck; I was ready to nuzzle anywhere. Preferably here, in this cozy space. I can sit on my momma's lap plus have the luxury of not one, but two pillows upon both sides of my face. 
Ah, yes sweet summertime.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

welcome home...

After 10+ years of drive time and 200+thousand miles, I {finally} broke down and bought a new car.  

I had been eyeing the Saab 9-3 for quite sometime now.

With months of research online, calculation after calculation and long walks at the dealership; Thursday night {6.14} Tim and I brought this little beauty and my {new} obsession home.

I am smitten by it; plus I think Moose likes it too!  
{see his little head near the mirror}

White on white and more it!

Welcome home Saab 9-3Turbo.
xoxo your new family
-The Jones

Monday, June 18, 2012

me. a librarian...yikes!

Feelings: It's thrilling yet slight alarming.  

I have no clue where to begin and assumed it would be years down the road...well those years have crept upon us and turned into something around the lines of less than 60 days {nail biting is an understatment}.

Where to start?  

I've recently been in panic mode and realized how thankful I should be that I'm just going to slide into place and decorate here and there. 

Take a look at these possible options...

  The {Genre} Tree, how fun is that?  I instantly became excited and thought how tacky would Christmas in July I guess August?  lol.

Some other great ideas floating around in this head of mine as I aimlessly float around on a float;)


This site has lessons with each book...they are all great stories for all grade levels!  
Perfect for the Library!

How fun are these?  
Biography Bottles via {The Millbrae Library}

LInky's for Librarians...whaaa?  Yep!  I guess they are out there for everyone!

Helpful Techy Stuff:

Ah..yes the twitter in the library.

I could go on and on...and I will continue to slowly; but for now this is the game plan.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

All Things Moose

date: a couple weeks ago
location: on the couch
feelings: spoiled to the bone

Could this be any sweeter? Really. I could do this all day; 
momma doesn't mind either.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Well, from the title, you know {precisely} just what I'm referring to!

The series is an understatement if I were to say it was stimulating, and for those of you reading along or that have already read the books I'm sure you are smiling and nodding along.

Here's a laugh from {the stir} via SNL.

{click on the link above}

Quotes from {Fifty} E.L James

"Laters, baby." {my fav}

"I'd like to bite that lip."

-of course there are a ton that I shouldn't put on here, but are sweeping the nation.

Curious of whether this will turn into a movie..ratings will be beyond {R} in my opinion or a lot of toning down will take place...they always say the books are better.

Well done Mrs. James...well done;)

Friday, June 15, 2012

the ole alma mater....

Wednesday was my first conference as a future Librarian!  How fun it was that it was at MSU!  Go Eagles! Being in the library like old times; it was a bittersweet feeling.

The day began early and drug on and on. And on and on and on.  Needless to say the highlight was traveling with Veda and of course lunch and dessert!  Did I say dessert?

Since I haven't been to MSU in quite sometime...there was nothing like greasy fries from Pasquales and then a yummy treat from The Bakery on Main {which was new to me!}

{deliciousness all inside this fancy plastic container}

Luckily, I will be traveling home again this weekend for father's day and stopping by The Bakery...hmmm..what shall I get?  PBPIE...weaknesses!  hence pbheadaches;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

All Things Moose

date: sunday
location: backyard
feelings: sporty

Monday, June 11, 2012

south florida with a smile...

 Last week a much needed and only a {lifetime} past due; finally just us {girls} took a trip.

Here we come Naples!


First stop, even before the luggage made it to Gram's house; 5th Avenue  

So tasty and the atmosphere was fabulous!

Then straight to the beach where Brooklyn ran in...clothes and all;)


Typically the weather is sunny and glorious, but of course gloomy was in our forecast.
No worries!  Day two outlet shopping and then late evening strolls on the beach.

Love my {sweet} family!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

All Things Moose

date: a couple of days ago
location: couch
feelings: uncomfortably tired

Well, obviously I can sleep just about anywhere. Now that my mom is home from school everyday she is not allowing me to sleep all day as I typically do {which I don't mind, but shew..she is wearing me out!}  I have to catch some shut eye when I can regardless where it's at;)

Monday, June 4, 2012

anticipation awaits!

Wow!  Only the 2nd week of summer vacation and a lot seems to be happening around the Jones household.

Over the weekend there were a few different ideas being finalized as we have been tossing a million projects around.

  • tear down the deck {build a new one...more modern and functional}
  • landscape the backyard
  • build a garage with attached carport
  • build a pool {wishful thinking}
  • or all of the above
With all of the estimates in; this morning we were the loudest house on the block as construction begins.  I am so excited and can't wait as I return from a girls trip to Naples and see just what stages are completed.

Of course, not all of the above was selected, but phase by phase we will go!

I am just excited since as of noon, the existing deck was no more!  Anxious I am...