Thursday, June 21, 2012

sweet addictions = empty pockets

When summer rolls around, the {to-do's} seem to pile up around the house from simple projects like painting a room to tearing down old decks and rebuilding new ones.  The list {s} continues around our little humble abode...yet our pant pocket seem to become lighter:/

From our many fun inspirations and endless hours of driving around in neighborhoods we can't afford; we rack our brains on how we can make our little nest cozy, unique and somewhat of a retreat for us.

Here are our latest ventures.

Inspiration 1: Deck Railing

This railing idea is something we really like and would love to add to our new deck.  It would really clean up the entire area while adding an industrial feel to the backyard area.

Our {finished} product!

Inspiration 2: Carport/Garage: Want {so bad..estimate too high, so not getting it}

Seriously, isn't this adorable?  I could use this for so many things!

Inspiration 3: Outdoor Movie Theatre 

This we can handle...thinkin' we need to incorporate it into the flow of the yard once the landscape and patio gets put in rather than it randomly being in the middle of the yard.  But we are enjoying it anyway!

Inspiration 4: Landscape/Patio

If you recall several posts ago, I mentioned an overall plan:

Well, this is where we are...phase one; {deck is in} and landscaping and patio is our stage {two} of phase one.

Some plants we are going with that have been suggested from the expert{s} {Justin}!

Oakleaf Hydrangea  
     Sweetbay Magnolia                                               MilkyWay Chinese Dogwood

So, as you can see the plant list is quite lengthy.  Oh, how I can't wait until all of this is complete and my backyard is filled with all of these fabulous types of vegetation. 

So, we will see where this plan really takes us;) At least inspiration has gotten us this far!

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