Monday, June 18, 2012

me. a librarian...yikes!

Feelings: It's thrilling yet slight alarming.  

I have no clue where to begin and assumed it would be years down the road...well those years have crept upon us and turned into something around the lines of less than 60 days {nail biting is an understatment}.

Where to start?  

I've recently been in panic mode and realized how thankful I should be that I'm just going to slide into place and decorate here and there. 

Take a look at these possible options...

  The {Genre} Tree, how fun is that?  I instantly became excited and thought how tacky would Christmas in July I guess August?  lol.

Some other great ideas floating around in this head of mine as I aimlessly float around on a float;)


This site has lessons with each book...they are all great stories for all grade levels!  
Perfect for the Library!

How fun are these?  
Biography Bottles via {The Millbrae Library}

LInky's for Librarians...whaaa?  Yep!  I guess they are out there for everyone!

Helpful Techy Stuff:

Ah..yes the twitter in the library.

I could go on and on...and I will continue to slowly; but for now this is the game plan.

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