Monday, February 20, 2012

Grad School Blues...

Anything But Grad School.

Top 10 things I'd rather do then homework...

May just do that tomorrow. I think I deserve it..don't you, after all I did finish reading a ginormous chapter last night as well as two articles about who knows what.

Yep. Hittin' the road pronto. I mean...therapy.
Seriously. On the road.

Well, and of course FB.
My status and I quote
"Over these journal articles. Enough is enough kolloff."
I mean it woman.

Twiddle my thumbs of course.

Yep..iced sknny hazelnut latte. Yum!

check mine out here!

Finish a book I {actually} want to read. 80 pages left. Woohoo!
Wanting to see the movie so bad. Any takers? Any readers?

maybe #10 could be absolutely nothing. maybe...nah!

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