Friday, December 30, 2011

Out like a flash...

It's the Holiday Season..

From recently making the advent calendar to's over just like that. I filled my home this year with as much Christmas spirit as possible.

Every December weekend was booked with Holiday Parties and the schedule right up to the last minute for some last minute shopping...

The years traditions are pretty routine, beginning at our house Christmas Eve morning when Tim, Moose and I exchange gifts.

Christmas eve is spent surrounded by Jones'.

With a special visit from the most important man of the season! Man, I must have done something right this year;)

Beginning at midnight the {rowdy} set of Jones' turn it up.

Christmas Day with the Johnson crew.

The Originals.

Such a great time for friends and family the photos are endless. Defineltly a good time had by all.

Not sure about you all but, 94.5..mixmas was a constant since October. I kind of wish the Christmas music would last... oh well. Til next year.

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