Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Photogr{app}y Fun

App..solutely addictive!

If you haven't been stalking all the fun photo apps! Install now {these are freebies}!

Love Shoebox! So fun and easily manageable for old photos! Just scan and share! Viola.

Of course I use Instagram like it's my job. I adore the filters, the blur effects and lately I'm pretty fond of {Early Bird} for almost all my photo effects...ahh..the squared photos are so perfectly sharable!

Labelbox is so much fun! I often find myself restating the obvious just so I can add these colorful and fun labels! Who doesn't love a nice stripe or an announcement of what is simply happening in the picture? LOL..I know I certainly do.

My latest and first purchase {$.99} Pocketbooth! Another sweet addiction! A must if you are into sharing and having fun with your photos!

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