Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January Obsessions

Lately, I've been on this technology kick. Maybe because I've been assigned to read all of these random articles {Learning Through Cyberspace} for grad class.

My {new found love} is Path. It's a free App; not very many folks are on it yet, but I think it will pick up. I enjoy adding music,my locations, and of course photos. Check it out!

{Snapseed} of course is another great photo editing tool that I can't seem to live without. I immediately take all images to Snapseed first or directly to Instagram {love of my photo life}.

Design Sponge is a gem! I adore this site almost as much as coffee, but seriously it makes my heart palpitate a little faster with each log in. I truly {heart} this site.

I'm an advid Real Simple reader. On the last page of my latest issue I noticed the tag line: {REAL SIMPLE, NO OBLIGATION BOOK CLUB} I had to join! Let's just say its a way to read some interesting titles without being held accountable;)

Which I wouldn't mind to have an actual book club...anyone?

Mrs Jump's class

I feel I also have a blog addiction:(. I am probably a follower of a zillion blogs and I often spend hours upon hours reading, wanting and longing to be a part of others blogs.

So that's just to name of few of my recent addictions, what are you currently addicted to?

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