Monday, January 9, 2012

Planning for the future...

Lately a lot of things have been up in the air; some changes need to be made.

1. We are constantly working on our little humble abode, but lately the word move keeps being tossed around... Not sure where {possbily just a new neighborhood will fix this itch} or if its the right choice, but it sounds good..right?

2. Today, I begin Grad school..a big YUK sits in my stomach. I dread the process in it's entirety. Wonder if it's a stomach bug or a disease that's here for the long haul... {sigh}.

3. Are we going to plan a wedding or pick a destination...geez. I get stressed alone making that decision. Not looking good in that department either. {mess} That is {supposed to happen} in 2012 as well..bite my nails.

4. Lastly, a lifestyle change is in the works and putting that in the mix of all of the other things just makes it to cope and make it all flow. I guess it'll work itself out, but I'm not quite sure how some people do it.

I'll keep ya posted...

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